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Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard your entire life to acquire things that are important to you. Let Kisailus Law Firm work hard to protect what you’ve worked for. An estate plan is not just for the wealthiest people. What will happen to your loved ones if you pass away? Who will inherit your most prized possessions? You should be in control of what happens to your assets after you die. We can help you achieve that goal with thorough estate planning. We don’t just write a will and send you on your way. We spend time and get to know you. We will make sure that your beneficiary designations on assets that pass outside of your will are in line with your estate plan. This might include beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement accounts or title to real estate you own.  

Our Wilkes-Barre estate planning attorney will also help you with Powers of Attorney and Living Wills. These documents work during your lifetime to help others take care of you according to your own wishes. They are vital to a complete estate plan.  

Kisailus Law Firm knows how delicate estate planning can be. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you. Our gentle, family-based approach is credited by many of our clients for making the process less overwhelming. Call us today to get started.